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As a customer of I am writing this letter to voice my concerns on the matter of this company providing false advertisement to those of whom choose to use this sight. As a college student it is hard to come by money. We study long hours and the ones of us that are able to pursue a job during our studies, well we use that money for essentials. I feel the need to tell others about my experience, so you too, won’t fall victim to this scam.

During my experience in the sight I chose to purchase one of the catalogs upon which was provided to us in the assignment we were given. After my purchase of Whole Earth Catalog 1968 I noticed an error in the loading of my file that I had purchased for five dollars. This PDF would not load. I was given contact information that was provided to me through the website to email the company about my concerns. Upon emailing the company during three separate occasions I still received no word in concerns to my purchase of the Whole Earth Catalog 1968. It has been two weeks now with no word from the company, no article, and the way things are looking no refund in sight.

As I mentioned earlier in my letter this article was meant to be for a class assignment upon which we were given. This article was the basis of an assignment upon which we would use the article to find three main ways to survive an apocalyptic scenario. My concerns are not so much as we would not be able to continue with this assignment, but for those of whom may have lost their money in trying to obtain this article. We have since moved on to a different assignment but I still feel as if my concerns need to be heard.

Due to the lack of attention amongst which the authors of this website have given to me; I will be contacting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with my complaints of what has happened. As many of you may or may not know the FTC is a federally operated sight which looks into cases of fraud and unfair business practices that might be out there. The FTC deals with issues such as these daily and uses the complaints that we provide them with to regulate and control the businesses that practice in such ways as these. Upon receiving a complaint the FTC first takes action by reviewing your claim and comparing it with other claims that deal with the same website. The FTC is a more then credible source that I will surely be taking heed in.

Several days after my numerous email attempts to the company of the Whole Earth Catalog, I decided to take it upon myself to report them to another site which deals with fraudulent claims. I reported my troubles with this sight with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). After contacting the FBI through the complaint that I filed online. I was emailed shortly after by the FBI explaining to me that the matter upon which I was complaining about would be taken seriously. They would keep in contact with me if anything more happened in the matter of my case.

As you can infer from my letter fraud is a very serious matter that is not taken lightly by our federal government. Although, all that was lost was five dollars there are thousands of Americans effected daily by businesses who are scamming us for our money. Take heed in the resources provided to you if something such as this may happen. We can’t simple say “Well, it was just five dollars” because that five dollars could have easily been 5,000. I hope that this letter will help you if you ever come amongst a similar situation, and most of all bring this company to justice.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $5.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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